VOYLOK / packaging for special care products for VOYLOK felt boots

Lisa Kanygina

There is a developed packaging for special care cosmetics for VOYLOK felt boots. Voylok is a brand that a team of Russian guys launched in England.  


The product has three product lines: care during rainy weather, snow and in the dry season. The line includes three products: cleansing spray, wax and brush. The packaging was designed for a special target audience: people who travel frequently and try to take care of their shoes regularly, so the product is defined as a traveler’s bag. Therefore, the products are compact and have a small size. The packaging itself consists of a box, which includes a set of three products, and a special bag is included in the box so that people can easily and comfortably carry it with them. 


Product lines differ in colors and pictograms: winter weather is white, rainy weather is black, dry and sunny weather is red. The packaging style is based on a combination of illustrations referring to traditional Siberian symbols and on the developed display font “Valenki” designed within the framework of the project. The style uses black, white and red colors, which show the versatility of bootsand distinguishes them by the weather.