The main market of Lazy Fun Paper is the young consumer group in the Z era. Fast paced, high pressure, and laziness are the labels of the current young group. The packaging design is a reflection of the real life status of the current consumer group. Lazy Household paper adopts “dog” as the core element. The dog is a loyal friend of human beings.

It is characterized by “approachable, docile, enthusiastic, brave and bold, which is the beautiful life that young people should have now; kitchen paper is selected to use” “Koala” as the core element, the koala gives people the feeling of being cute and lazy. During the rest time, the kitchen also feels relaxed, casual and lazy.

The characteristics of the koala and the kitchen are exactly the same. It coincides. The face towel chooses “cat” as the core element. The cat feels aloof, beautiful and clean. It is also more in line with the characteristics of girls who love beauty and cleanliness in their lives. The combination of the two is The most suitable one. Wet toilet paper chooses “little squirrel” as the core element. The little squirrel gives the impression of being cute, sweet and industrious, which reflects the positive energy spirit of young people in the rest period. Four series The animal elements are chosen for the packaging are laid-back and playful.