Brau Alat is an artisan liquor crafted in the heart of the Pyrenees. The brand concept lies in the idea of ancient mountain knowledge and history that is unique about this area. Brau Alat means “Winged Bull” in Catalan. This is a mystic creature that represents both Earth and Heaven that is often found in religion and pagan traditions along centuries of history.

With its different flavours, this liquor collection wants to take you from Earth to Heaven in a celestial experience. It is a beverage that can be enjoyed alone or in good company, bringing you joy and enlightenment for sure. This brand wants to connect you with your higher self through its unique flavour and character.

With such a deep brand concept, so many things had to be represented through design. The challenge was saying so much in a clean and modern label, so every detail was important and charged with symbolism. The top rounded shape of the label naturally follows the glass bottle shape for a harmonic combination. At the same time, this label shape was also designed to represent an apse where the brand symbol stands as the main character. In the central part of the label, the flavour name is highlighted by some light rayons, bringing eye’s attention to this part. The brand name is displayed at the bottom of the label as a grounding element that gives balance to the whole composition.

This colorful design is rooted in concept and carefully grounded in a design structure in order to be timeless, meaningful and unique.