The Brankofi company applied to DS1 branding for a redesign of Gulliver waffle cakes. The client’s team decided to abandon the fancy name of the cakes in favor of a more classic one, and in this regard, it became necessary to redesign the packaging, since the past identity was tied to it. Our task was to develop a visual image for 3 SKUs: cakes with creamy, chocolate and nutty flavors. It was important not to go into the Soviet past, creating an up-to-date, concise and minimalistic identity with a special emphasis on the food zone.

“The main audience of the product is traditionalists, people who need to be sure of what they are buying. This category of consumers prefers simple and clear visual codes, their main value is stability. Trendy trends, uniqueness, premium and unnecessarily overloaded identity are what, on the contrary, frightens and pushes this segment of the audience away from the product” – Svetlana Klupinska, CEO of DS1 branding.

The most important need of traditionalists is an understanding of what kind of product they are buying, confidence in what exactly is inside the package. That is why we focused on the food zone in the development of the identity, giving it the area of the packaging, vividly and naturally depicting the waffle cake inside.

We reinforced the rational need of the audience to understand what product is inside with emotional benefits – the design system we developed focuses on lightness and tenderness. The names are located in a brand block with a cloud – a symbol of lightness and softness. We organically inscribed the logo of the company “Bryankonfi” in it.

Color differentiation and the image of the key food simplify communication with the consumer, and the brands “For a hearty tea party” and “Delicious for tea” promise the target audience a pleasant and sincere evening with the family, namely family for traditionalists is the most important value.

Brand positioning, communication strategy, its verbal and visual identity – all this is based on the understanding of its target audience, its values, views, stereotypes (behavioral strategies). The individuality of the product refers to the image that exists in the depths of the consumer’s psyche and awakens a sense of something very familiar and meaningful. Any brand starts with the question “For whom?”, and the success of any product lies in a deep understanding of the audience.

This is not the first joint project with DS1 branding. After the successful launch of the “World Desserts” series of pastry cookies, the design for which was created by DS1, we re-applied to the agency to develop a new line of waffle cakes to replace the outdated ones. The goal is to achieve maximum emphasis on the product, to serve it to the buyer tasty, bright. As a result, there is a positive response from end customers and retail chains, and this is the main indicator that the DS1 team coped with the task” – Zhanna Shcherbenok, Head of the marketing department of the company “Bryankonfi”.