Vidhi Jain

This exercise aimed to redesign the packaging of an existing food or beverage product by focussing on a few non-verbal attributes and examining the extent of their effects on a consumer’s expectations of their healthiness or appeal.

DESIGN STRATEGY: To re-design the packaging for Britannia Nutri Choice Oats cookies sticking to the brand’s motto, to reduce overeating and promote mindful eating, enhancing the overall experience by modifying the packaging and changing the surface graphics.

The design and peculiarity of the packaging were inspired by the ingredients of each product. A fusion of the form of the fluidity of milk and the wrinkle lines of almonds is used to represent the milk & almond flavor. The orange flavor is shown through a geometric pattern of a slice of orange with its segments. The chocolate & almond flavor is represented using a fusion of a shape of chocolate candy wrapper along with the geometric shape and wrinkle lines of almond.

The packaging is made to resemble a soda can to attract the customer’s attention to the product in an aisle of biscuits. The advertising tagline used by the brand ‘Oats made heavenly’ runs around the cap of the can along with the flavor of the cookie. The brand motto ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’ is present on the body of the can. The actual product image is also used, acting as a pictorial representation of the product for the user to consider before purchasing.

In the end, you have a container for yourself.