D’Hala is a German brand and private restaurant who is specialized in making delicious homemade chutneys, spreads and spices.

The story behind D’Hala:

Hala is the founding mom. She is the cook and the soul behind each of D’Hala’s delicacies. All recipes are designed by her. She is known for her passion for cooking down-to-earth food.

Philosophy & Passion:

  • Revive culinary knowledge that has been forgotten and meet the authentic taste of popular and well-known dishes.

  • Make a contribution to sustainable nutrition with our culinary knowledge.

  • Build a culinary bridge between the orient, the far east and the occident.

  • Accompany you culinary through everyday life so that you can enjoy every meal.

Project Description:

Branding Development and Label design for: Sweet Spreads, Chutneys, Spices, Salad Dressing and Syrup.

  • Labels Language: Germany

Credits & Copy Rights: Client: D’Hala – private restaurant

Layout Design & Illustrations : Marwa Mahmoud

Creative Photography Shoots: Sofia El-Assal