Colombo - Batticaloa Hwy, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 01000, Sri Lanka

Packaging design that brings people together. The essence of Christmas is getting together with the people we are close with. This, Christmas we wanted to tell a story through packaging for Graze by Sith. Our talented illustrator told the story of Christmas in a very Unique medium, Packaging!

Our challenge was to create a four-sided box that is ambiguous during Christmas time. The team had to create a design that was inarguably Christmas but invariably unique to the brand. We wanted to create a new approach in the art of gift-giving with Graze by Sith.

We then approached so the design would complement Christmas and the brand instead of reinventing it. This is achieved by etching onto red with gold screenprinting. The box continues to reward the eye the closer you look. We gave every attention to detail throughout the illustration. From drawings to icons everything was well articulated to have a consistent art style.

In terms of printing, we used a screenprint that with gold along with chipboard for a premium finish. We made three sizes for the packaging so it’s consumer-friendly, Small, medium, and large.

We finally then art directed each shot to have a minimal and rich aesthetic. We planed every image to have consistent lighting to enhance the golden finish that the box deserves. Whilst shooting we also made sure that the reds are consistent with each other. Overall the box tells shares a unique take on Christmas packaging and we plan to do an extended edition for the 2022s Christmas launch.


Colombo - Batticaloa Hwy, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 01000, Sri Lanka

Photographer: Yasaru Nanayakara


Illustrator: Zakwaan Asim

Graze By Sith