São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Juicy is a brand of natural juices produced with organic fruits, coming directly from plantations in Minas Gerais, a state in southeastern Brazil.

Starting from the following question: “what would a modern organic juice brand look like, but also rescue the essence of the design of the 80s?”. It was from this idea that Juicy came about.

Inspired by the ’80s, Juicy’s brand and visual identity bring visual clarity and direct speech to the point, as pillars of communication with the target audience. Always very clean and with only essential elements to communicate, the brand’s visual system was created specifically to sell juices that are composed of (organic) fruits and only fruits, that is, pure juices and as healthy as possible.

To compose the identity, colors that represent the main fruits of the ingredients of the products were used in combinations that referred to the 80s vibe, as well as the geometric shapes, inspired by the Bauhaus, which give a modern touch to the project. The font chosen to communicate is Helvetica, classic and timeless.

The treatment of the photos of the fruits that make up the graphic pieces of the brand was also purposely made to appear old, which gives a very interesting story with vibrant and bold colors.

As for the packaging, we sought a minimalist look, straight to the point and easy to identify on the shelf. With the different geometric shapes highlighted, the labels together form a visual unit and complete the entire cycle thought and created for Juicy’s communication. The result is a cohesive, unique and timeless brand and visual identity.


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