La Molisana – Nuovo pack in carta

Dispenser Studio

66054 Vasto CH, Italia


Nuovo pack in carta

Strategic positioning



Development of supports to support the launch

After a period of double-digit growth with the plastic film packaging designed by Dispenser in 2017, La Molisana decided to change attire for the sake of the environment and now dresses its pasta with the FSC paper pack from properly-managed forest sources. In this way, the pasta factory cut down on plastic consumption by 230,000 kg a year.

Dispenser structurally rethinks the pack system to promote the paper and reinvents the presence of the pasta factory on the shelves. The different shades of bronze, the central stamp certifying the Italian wheat, and Millet’s “The gleaners” in the background become the new identity features of an all-Italian pasta that now also cares for the environment.