Nhang Xanh An Gia, Loc Phat And Cat Tuong

Vivian Agency

Hồ Chí Minh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

About Green Incense

Green incense and the journey keep its tradition.

Green Incense, belonging to Nhan Thien Joint Stock Company, was launched in 2015 with the main product being natural incense, created by 100% natural ingredients. After 5 years of continuous efforts, Green Incense has affirmed its foothold in the market with 2000 agents in 48 provinces and cities across the country. Besides a number of frankincense products, Green Incense is constantly researching and developing many new agarwood products, in order to improve the customer experience.

Understanding what traditional smoke is for every Vietnamese family, in December 2020, on the 5th anniversary of Green Incense, launched a new collection preserving traditional incense with an advanced spirit. At the same time send wishes in case of approaching Tet.

An Gia, Loc Phat, Cat Tuong – are the people who replace Green Incense to send good wishes to everyone.

An Gia, Loc Phat, and Cat Tuong are the main collections for Tet 2021 that have been studied from Green Incense for a while. With the aim of enhancing the traditional taste and sending meaningful messages, Vivian’s team has researched and tested many styles and traditional graphic elements to create something new and express many traditional values. tradition of Tet.

Inspiration is taken from the natural scents associated with the Vietnamese population. 3 different An Gia, Loc Phat, and Cat Tuong Green Incense Sticks are made from natural ingredients that we can easily encounter every day, such as cinnamon, frankincense, anise, cloves, royal jelly, cardamom. , … not only special about the design, but also about the inner qualities.

Full wishes, full of traditional flavors.

An Gia, Loc Phat and Cat Tuong Green Incense Set is inspired by spreading and preserving traditional scents in a modern spirit. Thanks to the special formula, users have a feeling of familiarity, rustic but full of creativity and sophistication. The use of alternating incense enhances the perception of smell and taste, helping to increase mental clarity.

Green Incense

Peace is the foundation of happiness, a solid premise for fortune and prosperity. The image of Que Chi, one of the main ingredients to make An Gia Green Incense, combines the image of Double Mountain with the meaning of health, longevity and a solid fulcrum for the family.

LOC Phat Green Incense

Loc Phat Green Incense is inspired by the packaging from the painting “Loc Sinh Ton” which carries the message of bringing money and luck. The packaging image of “Lotus and blooming flowers” is inspired by the art of Oil Painting, combining minimalistic and abstract stylized methods for a modern flair.

Green Incense CAT TUONG

Cuu Ngu Quan Hoi painting is not too strange for families in Vietnam. When it comes to this type of painting, people often think of the image of nine carp wagging their tails, gathering together. Maybe the carp will swim around in the fresh lotus pond or next to the flower branches. excellent form.
Illustration style & combination of brand identity color elements in a delicate and luxurious packaging system. Cat Tuong encapsulates the best wishes, complete convenience.

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Vivian Agency

Hồ Chí Minh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

Art Direction - Design: Jacob Lē

Creative Team: Huong Nguyen, Jessica Nguyen, Wen Jie, Thao Ngan

Nhang Xanh