On the Straight & Narrow


Cut back, reset, new year, new you! Sound familiar?

About the piece:
Statistics show that 47% of UK adults are looking to cut back on their alcohol consumption, with it estimated that over four million people will take part in Dry January this year. Will you be joining them?

Almighty worked with Jason Stoneman, Founder and CEO of Straight & Narrow; a 0% alcohol, premium spirits brand challenging the competition. We’re proud to have had the pleasure to work with Jason, bringing his vision to life through clever naming and a sophisticated brand identity.

Jason came to Almighty with the hope to inspire others to drink more responsibly after committing an impressive 46 days to being sober himself. He couldn’t believe the improvements this choice had made on his physical, mental health and wellbeing. He had more energy, a calmer mind and was sleeping much better. The only problem he faced in his pursuit was the limited choice of non-alcoholic substitutes. What was on the market at the time, not only didn’t taste good, it often came in at a higher price point than traditional alcoholic brands. This inspired Jason to gather his 30 years in the industry and follow his dream of creating his own 0% alcohol brand.



Photographer: Nadi Lindsay 

Straight & Narrow