Paulownia box ” KIRIBAKO ” for secondary use


To create a new type of paulownia box that breaks away from the current over-packaging trend that boxes are thrown away after being received.
This is a modern version of the packaging, which aims to be used for a long time.

The image is packaging of Sake and Wine bottle. Not only packaging but also It could be seoundry use such as carring foods to parties, etc.

  1. Wide range of use with handles
  2. Replace the handle (from our original Sanada ribbon to your preference, such as leather ribbon, etc)
  3. Sliding open/close of paulownia wood and acrylic lids (printing and insertion on both sides possible) for a dramatic effect.
  4. Storage of dry foods (pasta noodles, drip coffee, etc.) using the moisture control of paulownia wood
  5. Display in vertical position

<Paulownia box>

Paulownia is a wood that has been valued so much that paulownia chests of drawers are often chosen for brides-to-be few decades ago in Japan.

Paulownia has a low shrinkage and elongation rate, and is highly airtight owning to its low deviation. It is also less susceptible to humidity and outside temperature. This makes paulownia boxes ideal for long-term storage. It contains ingredients that are resistant to insects and corrosion, so paulownia boxes have been used to store antiques and works of art since long time ago .