Perconti Dessert Wine packaging inspired by the concept of time and patience.

Auca Design

64020 TE, Italia

“Vino Cotto” is a special dessert wine, typical of some regions of Central Italy, in this case, produced with Montepulciano grapes fruit fermenting and cooked must aged in oak barrels for years (with this particular producer there are editions even from 2013, so aged for almost ten years). This is the reason why I decided that the Perconti Vino Cotto label should be inspired by the concept of time and patient waiting for the right moment.

I imagined the passing of time, an immaterial concept, through a material object: a perpetual pendulum in continuous and constant movement, that can be caught in the right position only after a long and patient wait. I hand-drawn the pendulum and the sense of movement through lighter pendulum silhouettes in the background.
For the color of the main pendulum, I choose bronze, given through a special 3D UV serigraphy painting technique, recalling the same deep brown tones and bronze nuances of the wine, in contrast with the silver foil pendulum silhouettes on the background.

The client soon approved my vision of their special product and we decided to use a bronze capsule to complete the overall packaging look. I attempted to design a simple but effective and in the same time refined label, on black paper to suit the black bottle, that tells about a singular and unusual wine, typical of middle Italy region Abruzzo, perfect to be served with desserts and cookies, and to close a convivial dinner.