Pickled Staffed Aubergines From MADAME NATURE

Darine Dallah


Let us gladly tell you who is Madame Nature: she is not another Woman Entrepreneur! She represents the resilient hard working Lebanese woman attached to her land, working hard in collaboration with micro producers to show the world that Lebanese rural products deserve to be internationally renowned. Madame Nature Inspired by the strength and resourcefulness Lebanese women have, Madame nature is an icon resembling the change in lives unity and local initiatives can make.

By uniting the local olive Oil producers, dairy producers, beekeepers, local farmers, and the eager working hands of women in the area, each product in Madame Nature’s product line is crafted bursting with the local distinctive flavors of the wild herbs Jabal el Sheikh is rich in.

With each acquisition, you’d be supporting and empowering local producers, Madame Nature’s love for nature, and enriching your table with healthy, natural flavors.

According to the concept of the name and the design, the name is Madame Nature, because we are supporting the women who lives in the countries and didn’t have work to be productive and work from home. For the Logo I inspired the face of Madame Nature From a famous Lebanese-British woman who was an idol for the successful Lebanese woman.

This product is Pickled stuffed Aubergines, it is made from 100% natural Aubergines, walnuts, green peppers, garlic, salt and Madam Nature’s Olive oil. No preservatives added.