Rule 2022 – OfDarkness

OfDarkness™ is an art platform that brings different perspectives on darkness through modern design language to show that darkness and light are equally wonderful, all have their own charm.

In the darkness a light arises, out of darkness, all things form.

Gold Tiger and Silver Tiger are two mascots used throughout this Concept for Vietnam Tet Traditional Gifting 2022. The Golden Tiger represents the will to act, the Silver Tiger represents the inner strength of the mind.

The fiery forge of hardship sharpens the mind. Turbulent waves give rise to a silent strength. Conquering both, the Tiger marches on to rule over 2022.
Be the Tiger OfDarkness™, Rule 2022.

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Client: OfDarkness™

Agency: InSpace Creative

Creative Team: Sanh Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Nhi Tuong, Huy Pham, Duy Trinh, Huy Vo, Trang Ho

Photography: 1990 Studio

Printing: Cropmark Studio