How to savour a moment of solitude after a busy day?

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How to savour a moment of solitude after a busy day? Our new project will tell you about creating an at-home retreat full of delightful moments. You will sense the atmosphere of relaxation as soon as you touch the package: a soothing sea salt bath, scented candles, your favorite book or feel-good music.

What is our product audience? Young women under 35 who mind their well-being, try to live a healthy lifestyle and trust the recommendations of beauty bloggers. They do yoga and pilates, practice meditation and lean toward consciousness and esthetics. The product will be standing on a shelf in full view, so packaging matters a lot to them.

We have created a set of trendy bath sea salt packages that reveal the product contents and elicit associations of rest and being pampered. In this category, the customer is set on choosing a product that corresponds to his or her ideas of beauty, care, and health.

The packages bear prints depicting female characters. They create an atmosphere of being pampered and experiencing sensual pleasure. Give yourself an at-home retreat with mineral bath salts!