Spice cream is an ice cream brand from Potentially unacceptable confectionery. The product combines hot peppers with delicate ice cream. The idea of the product is to create an unusual taste: the strong pungency from the spicy glaze is immediately extinguished with ice cream. 7 packs of ice cream contain 7 types of peppers, which differ in the level of pungency.  Whether you are a fan of incredibly spicy or just a light spicy aftertaste —Spice cream will satisfy your desires.

The aim of the project was to create a laconic and quickly recognizable image of spicy ice cream. By looking at the packaging the consumer should immediately understand what kind of pungency it is and what kind of pepper it contains.  Based on this, a visual image of the pepper sticking out of the package was developed.

The front side of the package shows a red silhouette of hot pepper, which fits with the ice cream itself through the transparent part. The name of the pepper, its SHU pungency and its logo are also presented.

The back of the packages consists of the following components: pepper pungency scale, markings, sub-brand logo, copyright and technical text. The larger the scale, the hotter the pepper. The copyright warns of the strong hotness of the pepper and briefly explains the essence of the product.

The naming of the spice cream brand is based on the rhyme with ice cream. Thus, the name plays a double role in recognizing the product, because it combines the hotness of pepper and the delicate taste of ice cream in two words.

6 of 7 packs of spicy ice cream will be sold in stores. The small Carolina pepper cone will only be served inside the confectionery as it is incredibly spicy and contains 1,500,000 Scoville

Peppers which were used:

Poblano pepper (1 500 SHU); Chilly pepper (4 500 SHU); Wax pepper (15 000 SHU); Serrano pepper (23 500 SHU); Aji pepper (50 500 SHU); Нabanero pepper (100 000 SHU); Carolina pepper (1 500 000 SHU)