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TECHSHEF is a sum of the world’s most professional developers, designing innovative software solutions that promote the companies that are seeking to flourish and strengthen their relationship with their customers, keeping them at the forefront of the digital world. We have made exceptional progress in designing business web and mobile software, which has led our clients to achieve huge success. As websites and mobile apps are any company’s window to the world and what brings life into them, our team’s philosophy is based on working toward smarter life for our clients.

The Challenge: We were asked to design a logo and visual identity that suits the target group (B2B & B2C) so that the identity is characterized by modernity, simplicity, and high quality. Our challenge was a unique and versatile design with all visual identity applications so that it is not similar to any other competitors’ logos.

The Concept: After the editing panel stage and choosing the right images for the logo idea, we analyzed each image individually until we extracted all the keywords from the keyword. Then we decided to make initial sketches of logo ideas by tying a few keywords together to give us some beautiful and unique ideas, then we chose the most unique idea whose idea perfectly matches the mood board and project goals.

The Sketches: In this process, we analyzed each of the images in the idea-gathering stage, as we deduced more than one idea to work on it. A group of ideas consisted of integrating the (shield) icon, which denotes protection and technological security, with the (lines) element, which denotes programming codes during their writing. Also, a set of ideas consisted of merging a letter (T) from the project name (TECHSHEF) and a letter (E) with the element (Lines) to reach a logo that serves the project’s different goals. In addition to another set of ideas that included combining a character with an icon (</>) that indicates the end of the code as it is being written. After that, we reviewed each idea separately and evaluated whether it fits the different goals of the company and delivers its message to its customers until we reach the final idea that we want to work on and implement it accurately.

The Grid System: To get a simple and unique logo, it must be executed accurately and build its grid system to show the basis on which I relied on applying the logo in an engineering way without any errors. When we reached the stage of building the logo, we laid a foundation before implementation, which is the grid with a standard size of 1 pixel, then we started drawing the logo and determining the distances between the lines equally until we got the required shape, where we showed the letter (T) in a modern way that fits with the advanced technology and integrated it with the security shield element that It forms a wall of defense and keeps products securely. We also designed the wordmark to fit the logo and put its retina to get a consistent and clear font that has the characteristics of modernity and technological development through intersections in some drawn letters.


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