Pichkaari Design Studio

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

As adventurous as the name resonates, Winter Wonderland is an open greeting to the people residing across continents and oceans to connect and cherish the festive season. More than the holidays, December is meant to be a celebration of gratitude, togetherness, nostalgia and warmth. Winter Wonderland is an amalgamation of this celebration with the marvel ‘Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London’ and the German neonate ‘The Advent Calendar.’

How does it work?

The wonder revolves around the concept of the thrilling rides that complement the wintry vibe with thrilling joyrides and give you an adrenaline rush!

To add more to its exuberance, the wonder is assembled with 54 recyclable origami cardboard pieces without a single drop of glue, making it absolutely eco-friendly!

How are the soul-stirring rides portrayed as a hamper?

Slanting from scratch, the hamper functions on the revamped proverbial saying, “When one door closes, open a window!”. So, as you mark off another day on the calendar one by one leading up to the New Year, open the ‘window of the day’ to find a special surprise inside, reserved exclusively for that particular date.

What are the surprises enclosed within the rides?

While you shred each window each day, you get introduced to the rides of the marvelous theme park and coaxed into the motif behind the conjunction of the treats and rides.

Per diem, as one unboxes the treat of the day, one is taken on a journey around the Wintry World which begins with the remembrance of sugar-coated memories, brightens up the dusk with a myriad of holiday lights and warms your home, hearth and hearts as you sail down the chocolate river.

That’s all about being ‘out with the cold and in with the New Year’!