How to use design to shape product character

Brand | Junde Tea ®️
Category | Lapsang Souchong
Matters | Product Packaging Design


Chinese tea
A link connecting spiritual and material life
Integrate sight, touch, smell, taste and meaning
five senses culture
Rooted in the life of Chinese people with palpable temperature
It is the aesthetic imagination of the Oriental [natural creation]
Reflecting the harmony and adaptability of oriental philosophical life

“Natural Creation, Natural Poetry”

There is a saying in Song “Dream Lianglu”
Gai people are indispensable, chai rice oil salt sauce vinegar tea
tea as national drink
From the famous to the common people
With an all-encompassing landscape will
Describing the Millennium Cifu
Valleys and jungles, dining and drinking dew, fertile ground
Among the leaves, mustard mustard
Accumulate the rationality of [nature]
Appreciate the simple elegance of 【Suzhou】
Coexistence of quietness and enthusiasm
Or arrogant, or restrained and handsome
Between the cups and water, the arrivals are full of oriental interest

Tea as a product of nature
Rooted in the mountains and waters, portraying beauty
Write the silent and gentle traces of the years
Streamlined and bright pastoral tanka in every brew
Unreserved double chapter rhyme
In this natural hazy memory
Uncover the chapter of landscapes with thousands of world sentiments
Presenting the original taste of healing and stability under [natural creation]
This is also the waltz of mutual interpretation between tea people and nature

We invite everyone to appreciate the charm of Chinese tea
Use design to express the praise of traditional culture
from a contemporary perspective
Through the classic craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation
Reconstructing Chinese Tea

Yokoyama outside the window into the painting
Flowing water in front of the door
The window, in the west is the window
is the release port of light and air
But for the Chinese, it is
Blue brick small tile horse head wall
Corridor hanging lattice window
elegant scenery
We use “window” as the expression
Extract the pictures of flowers and birds of natural ecology
Write a picture of the natural beauty of Chinese tea

“At last”

Packaging is the external expression of all brand values
It is the first port of brand character release
Fully understand and be able to give the brand adequate emotional expression
is the point of packaging design
All actions depend on the essence
Value identification under emotional connection
is the ultimate goal of all brand actions
Start with vision
Insight into the product, clear emotions, build character
Build a terminal experience-based
multidimensional vision release
Maximize the shaping and delivery of brand character
Efficient communication to form the market

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