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Milden is an Indian snack brand that offers a variety of snacks to customers. It is an ISO verified company and continues the best quality products which are friendly for your pocket. Milden introduced its most popular snack “Fukrey”. These Fukrey sticks are corn sticks that come in two delicious flavours which are FLAMING HOT and FUKREY STICKS MASALA MUNCH.

Very nostalgic and close to Indian hearts, this snack has been winning the taste buds of India for years.

As requested by Milden, Saypan designed two different packaging for these two flavours below:


For the Fukrey flaming hot sticks, the dark colour scheme is fixed, in which black and red are the prominent ones. The black background for the packaging highlights the red flames in the upfront of the design. The bowl of Fukrey, right in the middle of the red flames depicts the spicy hot nature of the product. Spiciness, chillies and fire are often used hand in hand. The spicy flavour of chillies is compared to hot blazing fire because it causes a burning sensation to the tongue. This unique combination of colours and graphics guarantees, the consumers with a spicy tooth to grab the product without delay.


This lip-smacking flavour is indeed very close to India and its youth. Term masala itself is a unique earthy combination of spices and herbs from India. This design layout is divided into two parts, the upper orange and the lower blue. The colours orange and blue play a complementary role in the colour wheel. Orange depicts enthusiasm, fun and spice, while blue depicts relaxation, enjoyment and hunger. The corn and chilli doodles in the orange section make the design more illustrative. The Masala based graphics and the masala stick photographs in the blue section express the ingredients of masala. The fun-loving youth cannot resist this product and its design for sure!

Both the designs mentioned above illustrate the lip-smacking flavours of MILDEN FUKREY to the customers.