C. San Vicente, 23, 46310 Casas del Rey, Valencia, Spanje

Packaging design for Bodegas Neleman’s Chocolate 71%. Organic & vegan dark chocolate from Ecuador, which pairs perfectly with many of the red organic Neleman wines. The cocoa is farmed by the indigenous Kichwa people in the Napo region, who work to preserve biodiversity and improve food security following the chakra system. Inspired by the lush Amazonas jungle, the design is a colourful celebration of nature, which gives us chocolate and wine.

Bodegas Neleman wines are high-quality organic wines made in Spain, France, and Italy. With special attention for local authentic grapes, reflecting the soil and region. Each wine has its own personality and you can taste the passion and love they’ve been made with. We allow nature to do its work. Good wine is made in the vineyard.


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