Sense · Coffee A cappella Series Instant Coffee CD Case

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“I love music. For me, music is morning coffee.” ― Hoda Kotb.

Sense · Coffee Acappella series packaging takes music as the design inspiration. Whilst sipping morning coffee, the designer was thinking about how to package music. At this moment, his colleague was holding a stack of CDs (compact discs) with the intention of playing one. This gave the designer a clue. By using the CD case as an inspiration, customers would be able to feel the products’ musicality just from the appearance of the packaging along!


Most of the CD case packaging we are familiar with is made of plastic with a paper cover, which is not in line with the current trend of de-plasticizing and environmental protection. Therefore, the packaging designer chose an all-paper structure to design the coffee packaging, this is more in keeping with contemporary green requirements.

In order to present this classic CD case-style packaging, the design of the Acappella series imitates the proportions of the classic CD case. At first glance, it is light and simple. However, upon further inspection, it can be found that the packaging of the Acappella series has a wide range of accessories, including a honeycomb-shade style packing partition, an inner drawer box, and a sleeve cover.

There are three independent movements in the Acappella series that seem similar, but each feature different design details. The first movement has a balanced and mellow flavor, so it has a pattern design inspired by Libra; the second movement’s brightness and joyfulness are expressed by the sun icon. Finally, the rose icon indicates the third movement’s soft floral fragrance.

The entire series of packaging designs only uses black and white, yet the strong color contrast brings a soft and comfortable visual experience. To protect the integrity of the black ink surface and ensure the precise and exquisite printing of the highlighted white characters proved to be a significant challenge in the production of this packaging.


Each coffee movement is associated with multiple SKUs (Stock-Keeping Unit); therefore, exceptionally high management capabilities are required during the manufacturing process. Only by being careful, professional, and detail-oriented can we avoid waste in the production and mismatching of materials.

As the acappella series consists of instant coffee, the packaging needs to highlight the benefits of portability and lightness. The design features a delicate paper texture to increase the impact of the monochrome printing. The designer chose high bulk paper as the main material for the packaging. This kind of paper is lightweight but tough because of proper fiber ratio. The printing color is saturated, the ink gloss is soft, and the delicate paper texture still maintains a natural touch even after printing.


This Sense · Coffee instant coffee provides a perfect demonstration of the concept of acappella. Instead of relying on musical instruments, only human voices are used to create beautiful music, just as the Sense · Coffee Acappella seriesselected coffee beans from single origins sources to deliver a luxurious taste feast. The packaging designer cleverly combined the structure of the packaging and design to play with the idea of classic CD packaging, giving consumers an unpacking experience just like listening to a coffee movement.