Montréal, QC, Canada

Launched in 2017 in Canada, the Stefano brand, designed by lg2, quickly found a place in grocery stores. From a few tomato sauces, the product line has grown to include ready-to-eat cooking ingredients that make it simple to serve the taste of Italy at home.

But you simply cannot get the total Italian culinary experience without a good glass of wine. In addition to conquering a new product category by taking the same approach that made the Stefano brand so successful, lg2 had yet another challenge: to overcome preconceived notions about grocery store wines.

To make its way into consumers’ shopping carts, lg2 added wine codes while respecting the visual identity of the Stefano brand. Adapting visuals to highlight the organic aspect, a differentiating element in this grocery store category, made the wine stand out on the shelves.