Ursa Major is a cosmetics brand, which mostly uses natural ingredients. My concept with this rebranding was to make packages which are reusable. But not only in the usual way, like making eco-friendly and „nylonless” packaging, but also designing an aesthetic, which everyone would like to keep and use after the products are out. Because the products of this brand are clean and free of harmful substances, I made a minimal design referring to the purity of the brand. I came up with the idea of making cream deodorants, which are kept in glass jars (this is the main point of this project), as being more environmentally conscious. The original products still have plastics in their packages, so my redesign is mostly about leaving plastic from the packages and using paper and glasses instead, while creating a new, clean design.

Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Designer: Boglárka Csia

Tutors: Judit Tóth, Eszter Szőcs

Corvin Art School