Wegmans Simmer Sauces


With travel still being limited, food has been an easy, accessible and exciting way to explore other cultures. As consumers reach for globally inspired products, new palates establish space across categories. In pantry staples, meal starters like Wegman’s Simmer Sauces curate an Indian-inspired experience at home – just add in a protein of choice.

With Wegman’s line of Simmer Sauces, we wanted to speak to all kinds of adventurous consumers, visually communicating an authentic representation of the international Indian culture, while staying approachable through familiar formats. Our approach creates a design that strikes a delicate balance between the master brand standards and an individual personality built off of the specific product attributes. The simmer sauce design brings to life the identity of Wegman’s private label brand with a playful touch, bringing excitement on pack to this internationally inspired product.