” Ximenium Raíces Únicas” is a unique packaging design project that, together with storytelling, communicates the soul of the winery, awakening concerns, emotions and new sensations in wine lovers.

At Ximenium we create and elevate the brand through design to a superior concept of unrepeatable wines that unite at their root, the “albariza” soils of the geographical area of ​​”Moriles Altos”, the nocturnal harvest, the new grape varieties together with the generational roots of Bodegas el Monte and the traditional way of elaboration in the cellar by “rocío de saca”.

XIMENIUM RAÍCES ÚNICAS, is only understood through the design of this unique packaging for a concept of unrepeatable wines, and we tell it like this on its label: “The roots are invisible, they grow strong and deep so that we can enjoy the most beautiful things. A unique expression of the roots of Bodegas El Monte in this range of unrepeatable wines extracted by dew”.

Our concept of responsibility and sustainability is based on producing what is strictly necessary, relying on local artisans. Ximenium wines are only produced in a limited edition between 700 units per variety. Its packaging is made by local master craftsmen in noble materials, wood and metal, who work manually and container by container with our design. In this way we support the local economy, we favor small artisans and we only produce what is strictly necessary.



Photographer: Al Margen Branding & Packaging

Label Printing: Quatro Etiquetas

Bodegas El Monte