Hao Nian Jing – Flour food packaging design


Good mountains, good water, good Xinjiang.Good wheat, good flour, Hao Nian Jing. Hao Nian Jing is the flour brand of Xinjiang Tianbao Company. In recent years, affected by changes in relevant policies and market environment, its brand and corresponding product packaging urgently need to be updated and upgraded to cope with changes in the consumer market. This brand and product packaging design starts from the current needs and future strategic layout, focus on relevant concepts, source and refine value, sort out selling point information, and derive consumption scenarios.The balance and synthesis are presented through the visual image of the product packaging. Its visual subject is dominated by the barn representing the harvest,incorporates natural landscapes, harvest scenes, and regional ethnic elements. Embodying the value appeal of “good mountains, good water, good Xinjiang, good wheat, good flour and good NianJing”.Facilitate the dissemination and sales of brands and products within and outside Xinjiang.