İstanbul, Turkey

We attracted attention on the shelves with the packaging designs we made for the product collection of the Akripol brand, which serves in the auto repair paint industry. We created a colorful and dynamic series with modern and striking designs for the brand.

We enhanced the dynamic visual image of Akripol by breathing new life into it with the use of vibrant colors and sleek lines.

In the design concept, we separated the packaging with color coding and pictogram filigree backgrounds. We have increased clarity by using easy-to-read typography and implementing our designs on tins using the offset printing technique and Pantone colors.

We are overfilled with joy at launching our confident and distinguished packaging designs to the masses and receiving positive feedback.


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İstanbul, Turkey

Agency/Creative: Talking Packs - Packaging Design & CommunicationArticle

Creative Director: Cüneyt Uğurlu

Art Director: Osman Uysun

Brand Manager: Duygu Balcı

Title: Packaging Design for Akripol

Organisation/Entity: Agency Commercial, Published

Project Type: PackagingAgency/Creative

Country: Turkey

Market Region: Turkey


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