Packaging for Save Da Sea’s plant based smoked salmon – when passion for food and sustainability collide.

Innovation is born out of a desire to find a better solution, which is how Save da Sea was created. A talented chef and entrepreneur who couldn’t find suitable plant-based seafood options took matters into her own hands. She began developing recipes in the back of her family restaurant, starting with plant-based smoked salmon. Her passion for both food and the environment collided into a product and brand that is not only restaurant-worthy, but worthy of our attention due to the positive impact it’s having on our oceans.

We wanted to create a design that captured the similarities to the product being used and the seafood it’s mimicking. So, we explored the idea of tricking the mind and the tastebuds. Carrots were selected to develop the plant-based smoked salmon, which share a similar shape, colour and texture on a rudimentary level. The design needed to feel like seafood, but with a clever conceptual twist that communicates plant-based; the simple choice we can all make to help save our seas. It was all about bringing the similarities and parallels to life that the carrot and salmon have in common. The wordmark integrates this same shape, positioned as a little fish in the counter forms with ease, nodding to the fish being saved, one package at a time. The colours were inspired by classic seafood packaging, reimagined through bold, modern use of shapes and colour blocking. Afterall, Save Da Sea has successfully reimagined seafood, so it only made sense that we do the same with their package design.


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Chief Creative Officer: Gerald Schoenhoff

Associate Creative Director: Rachel Latkolik

Writer: Brahm Finkelstein

Account Manager: Michelle Coates

Photography: Merzetti Studios, Nick Merzetti 

Save Da Sea