Bread + Muesli = BRüSLi

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Margaretenstraße 101, 1050 Wien, Österreich

Bread + Muesli = BRüSLi

BRüSLi is a young startup-company from austria, that developes crunchy mueslis made from high-quality, overproduced bread.

The high-quality and chic packaging design and the lovingly detailed and unique illustrations are intended to make a strong impression at market launch in 2021.

The branding and packaging design was developed by Rudi Zündel Branding and complemented by the fine fountain pen drawings of Stefan Halegger.

We at BRüSLi reduce food waste and have only one goal: to offer you a whole new crunchy experience.

There are currently 3 varieties available in the fine 400g tin with cork lid in the online store (and soon as retail carton packaging in grocery stores).

After a year of product development and market validation, the first crunchy bread cereal is available since February 2021.