Crasto Altitude 430


Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

Crasto Altitude 430 wine has a differentiating profile and opens a new chapter in the history of Quinta do Crasto, an emblematic Douro estate, with a vast legacy and with a history of several centuries of unquestionable know-how in the production of wines with recognized quality all over the world.

With a design signed by Omdesign, Crasto Altitude 430 is produced with the selection of the best grapes from Tinta Francisca and Touriga Nacional varieties and counts with a clean and minimalist image, in line with the wine itself, which is very clean, seductive and elegant.

430 stands out on the labelling, as it is the height of the terroir from which the autochthonal grape varieties that are at its genesis come from.

The finishes adopted, such as stamping, varnish and embossing, reinforce the highly premium positioning of this Portuguese product that is born in the Douro Superior. The lines in dry embossing, present in the labeling, represent the terraces, unique geography and so characteristic of the Douro territory, the oldest demarcated and regulated wine region in the world.