Optik, a personal vision of Bien Nacido Vineyard


Optik, a personal vision of Bien Nacido Vineyard


Miller Family Wine Company launches a new brand to complete its portfolio, a collaboration with a prestigious winemaker (Joey Tensley) who reinterprets the varieties of the vineyard to offer them to the new consumer who is entering the world of wine.

Optik is an opportunity to offer a fresh take on the world of wine, highly didactic in its message and with the support of a renowned oenologist and their masterful approach. We provide the aspiring wine enthusiast with a vision through the lens of an expert – an esteemed winemaker who knows these specific vineyard plots inside out and wishes to bring the knowledge and experience they have acquired over many years to the table.

An invitation to explore and discover a different reality through the lens of someone who spends countless weeks tending and nurturing what the Bien Nacido vineyard has to offer, through a unique, remarkable presentation.


Create a relevant brand that is quickly identifiable by the new American wine consumer. Build a recognisable aesthetic and its own imagery which distinguishes it and summarises the objective of offering a new angle, a new vision of the world of wine. Project brand personality (family, sustainability, vineyards) through the figure of the winemaker.Create a universe rich in meaning that consumers can easily decode at a glance.


The composition seeks to create a visual code so that the amateur consumer, at a glance, understands and clearly identifies that what they have before them is clearly different.

The print we have created hides a metaphor, divinity as a symbol of protection and vigilance. In the background, Bien Nacido, the promised land, whose fruit is the wine bottled by the winemaker, through their expertise and knowledge.

Brand narrative is clear and plays with the contrast and duality of the classic and the contemporary, the diversity of the vineyards that transports us to Bien Nacido Vineyard.

After collecting the brief and the exact needs of the winery, we proposed an architecture for the Optik brand that would serve as a lever to tell, through its own narrative, the story of the collaboration with the acclaimed oenologist Joey Tensley. The archetype which best encapsulated the approach was that of the magician, hence the choice of the allegorical style and the expression of this graphic universe in which fantasy abounds as a visual metaphor.


We searched for a composition that would tell a story with an elaborate and detailed design. We played with layers of illustrations that serve to create a base and context to which we then added the specific information about the plot, identified by colour. Such a way of hierarchising information is useful for locating each of the references, especially for the new consumer. The base label envelops the bottle in a unique work and incorporates reliefs and embossing which not only lends it dimension, but also adds texture and activates more sensory receptors).

This original design creates an intriguing air of mystery in which the eye (Optik) and the hand (Tensley) appear together as a statement of the contents of the bottle. The printing techniques used to produce it enhance the handcrafted feel of the bottle, reinforcing the perception that each bottle is unique and distinct.

The label displays a surreal image that incorporates mystical elements which immediately captivate.

Fears, discoveries, challenges, and uncertainties: all the feelings an aspiring enthusiast experiences as they learn and discover.

Taking inspiration from the impossible scenes of surrealism, we create illustrations where anything is possible, where dreams come true, where seemingly meaningless elements are the norm. A fantastic world with a minimalist yet specific logo, perfectly complementing the intricate illustrations.

An optical illusion: elegant, bold, and unique with a touch of the past.

Born with the will to become part of the Premium wine segment by adopting unmistakable codes characteristic of the category: typographies, prints, …

From the outset it is conceived as a range in which to include new wines as consumers come to recognise them.