Scarpantoni Wines Rebrand

David Byerlee

Adelaide SA, Australia

This special project heralded not just a range refresh, but the introduction to Scarpantoni Wines’ overall brand refresh.

Established in 1958 and with 40 hectares under vine and production of 40,000 cases per year, the packaging needed to represent the success of a brand that has well and truly found its footing and excelled in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia.

The project scope required the implementation of a new identity that retained brand recognition. Strong and sleek design with considered embellishments and uncoated textures, appropriately elevated the esteemed product.

Lastly, a new ‘roundel’ was introduced to adorn their new matte black capsules. Inscribed with their establishment date, it rightfully presents the winery as one of the older family-owned brands in the McLaren Vale region.

David Byerlee

Adelaide SA, Australia

Illustrator: Tatiana Trikoz
Photographer: Mark Lobo 
Animation: Liam West

Scarpantoni Wines