Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Sophie is a fictional, Italian brand of handmade pasta, whose image reflects simplicity and kindness, with its cheerful shapes and colors. The main aspect of the design of the packaging was to convey modesty to the brand, to make it lovable for its customers, yet to carry special, distinctive features, and thus to be characteristic and memorable.

The different products can be distinguished by the logos on the packaging, the color scheme of the boxes remains the same, as the brand is characterized by a vibrant yellow and bright blue that evokes the sun and the sea. The box has a pillow shape, which is made exciting by a diagonal fold. The shape involves the image of the bow formed farfalla and the angular cut penne, still, the layed outbox is rectangular, which can remind us of the lasagne pasta.

Made of cardboard, it is solid, protects the product from possible breakage, it is easy to store and closes well,so the pasta is guaranteed not to pop out of it. The brand is aimed at simple, ordinary people for whom exaction, quality and affordability are important. As well as those who like the traditional flavors of Italian cuisine and are happy to support small businesses.