Still Waters distillery is located on the grounds of Waimarino Luxury Lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand. Waimarino is Maori for Still Waters, and the location of the lodge is in an area commonly called Bobs Cove but originally known as Waimarino. They use organic growing and distilling methods. Grapes not suitable for wine from local vineyards are used to form their base spirit. They source the water for their artisan spirits from nearby glacier fields, and they also use native New Zealand botanicals to infuse their gins whilst their vodka is 7 X distilled in their hand-made small-batch copper stills. A truly boutique distillery where every process and principle is controlled and fully traceable.

The brief to the brand identity was to follow the Legacy of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe of “Less is more”. Since our principal value as a brand is that the distillery is based in a stunning spot, Bob’s Cove, the design should evoke a serene atmosphere capable of connecting the audience with that nature through a minimalist design approach. Our strategy will be to maintain the principles of minimalism; order, simplicity and harmony with details of spontaneity and gestural that we can find in nature.

We wanted to avoid the literality of portraying “still waters”. We went to the origin that makes the product unique: the glacier waters from the New Zealand Southern Alps. We found it interesting to portray the swell from the glacier waterfall hitting the water. We worked with the strength of the pure water falling and impacting the still waters and changing their shape. This water cycle attracted us to develop the artwork. The artwork generates an oxymoron with the naming, creating an engaging story behind the identity.