Boo Republic

Thessaloniki, Greece

Sun-kissed all summer long.

Stacking rocks and pebbles on the beach is quite a usual – almost mechanical – activity while sunbathing or hanging on the sand. This common pastime activity marked the very concept for the design of Viodermin newest sunscreens. The classic stack of rocks was illustrated minimally, using sleek forms, a limited colour palette, and clean shapes. Placed in front of the bright summer sun as a clear and direct connection with the hot and sunny days of summertime. This key visual is the core element for the 175ml sunscreen packages as well as their little companions – the 50ml face sunscreens. By implementing vivid colors as the main palette – orange and yellow – we managed to separate the two SKUs according to their SPF. The lighter of the two colors, yellow, signifies more time under the sun. While the orange one corresponds to less time under the sun. This trick references the tan one will get by using the particular SPF sunscreen.