Air Wick unveils new look for its scented plug-ins, bringing people closer to nature

The leading brand in home fragrances, Air Wick, has unveiled a new visual identity for its range of scented plug-ins. Driven by a central brand vision of ‘Thriving Nature’, the new identity also acts to unify the popular range that was previously available in many different visual representations.

Infused with essential oils, the Liquid Electricals range enables people to enjoy the best from nature in the comfort of their home, with a continuous release of freshness for up to 100 days.

An authentic fragrance experience

Each fragrance profile is carefully curated using natural-based ingredients, blended to deliver an authentic experience. Responding to a recognised desire for increasingly natural cues – both in brand design and experience – Air Wick-owner Reckitt’s brand experience team reinvigorated the range with a new pack design, incorporating bold, immersive imagery that anchors the product within a natural setting.

From Lavender Meadow to Mango Island Sunrise, each profile speaks to a mood or emotive state rather than a scent profile, with bold imagery giving people a sense of the experience each fragrance will deliver.

Thriving nature

“One of the biggest challenges in home fragrance is that the sector was built on artificial scent profiles,” explains Darren Morgan, Global Brand Experience Lead, Air Wick, “something we are rapidly moving away from. For example, we now use a higher percentage of essential oils in each plug-in, so the experience is much higher quality.

“But there was still a disconnect between what people saw on pack and the experience they were getting at home. At Reckitt, innovation goes hand-in-hand with design, so the new design includes a dramatic reduction in plastic, with 100% of plastic removed from the packaging. This equates to a plastic reduction of more than 300,000 tons of plastic per year – a further demonstration to our commitment to preserving and celebrating the natural world.”

Balance of function and emotion

This new pack design created a blank canvas for the brand to showcase both the benefit of the product and emotive impact of each fragrance profile.

Alongside immersive photography, a burst of sunlight now sits behind the Air Wick logo, radiating light across the pack, and the image of a leaf dripping with essential oils reinforces the high-quality nature of the product.

The new identity, sitting across 25 fragrances and 300 SKUs in different countries, was created in collaboration with Reckitt agency partners Marks, Springfield Solutions, and is in store now.