Etain – new packaging for female owned medical cannabis company

After watching their “Granny Franny” battle with and seek treatments for ALS, the Peckham family realized the importance of high-quality and accessible marijuana in their home state of New York. Born out of this need, Etain became the state’s first women- and family-owned medical marijuana company, deriving its namesake from a mythological Irish heroine and honoring the late Frances Keeffe.

Like the Peckham family’s Granny Franny, the heroine Etain reminds everyone that no matter the challenges life brings, an enduring spirit will always win out in the end—even if in a new, unexpected form. The essence of the name embodies the company’s commitment to making a difference in lives through high-quality cannabis products.

Etain’s product offering ranges from capsules and flowers to spray and lozenges. Each product has a different CBD to THC balance, which is indicated in the product names — Dolce, Mezzo, Balance and Forte refer to tempos in the musical world — and brought to life in the messaging on each package.

Etain tapped design agency and creative consultancy 50,000feet to rebrand its packaging and give Etain a fresh look for market entry. Based on a consistent pattern, Etain’s new packaging uses the company’s unique logo—a leaf and droplet hybrid that depicts the use of the marijuana flower as well as the pure oil in Etain products. A range of product-specific colors helps the packaging stand apart, paired with a tailored message included in the opening area of each product box.

The packaging has strengthened Etain’s presence both in-store and online, striking a balance between the clinical and wellness aspects of the product to share the company’s story of whole health and self-care. Etain’s partnership with 50,000feet also included the launch of a redesigned consumer-focused website.


Bruce McClure


Agency: 50,000feet

Creative director:  Nette Gaastra

Designer:  Nette Gaastra

Designer:  Yoko Kristiansen 

Copywriter:  Andy Pasquesi