Yalit: a “Made in Italy” Mexican lager

Publifarm S.p.A. Società Benefit

Viale Giulio Cesare, 20, 24123 Bergamo BG, Italia

Made in Italy packaging with a Mexican scent for a craft beer with a Mayan touch.

Yalit, the Mexican lager produced exclusively for the “taqueria” of Bergamo, Italy, called “El Boss del Taco”, stands out for its vibrant and creative label, a true hymn to Mayan culture.


The name chosen for the Boss del Taco craft beer is YALIT, a term that in the Mayan language means “corn flower”: in fact , the name takes up one of the ingredients of the product, the corn flakes.

The new beer needed creative packaging in line with the style of the taqueria: full of energy and capable of conveying the most authentic essence of Mexico.

The designers opted for a color palette with references to traditional Mexican fabrics, with a strong predominance of purple, light blue, pink and yellow. The protagonists of the graphics are characters and scenes that recall Mayan art, where corn, a special ingredient in the Boss del Taco beer, plays a leading role.

The beer: Yalit

Yalit is a Mexican lager enriched with epazote, a particular aromatic herb traditionally used in Central American cuisine, and corn flakes.

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