Ibn Sina Saffron


Saffron has always been the king of spices. But aside from the great odor, color, and the delicious taste of this spice, saffron also offers many health benefits such as better heart performance, help with weight loss, cancer prevention, and more. Saffron is now a precious, valuable, and even popular spice but not for its health benefits. For some reason, people seem to ignore this aspect of saffron. And that was exactly what we decided to avoid in the Ibn Sina saffron packaging design. After enough research and brainstorming, we came up with Ibn Sina.

This physician seemed like the perfect character to show for representing this brand value. So that was what we did! After conveying the value, it was time to actually show a visual identity for it. That was when we decided to use elements like the pattern surrounding the packaging that was inspired by Afghani dresses. and also the Afghanistan map on the back of the packaging. The UV-printed saffron flower next to the character does a good job introducing the product.

Also, the antique city balkhi was gold foil printed as well as the product weight to not only give the packaging a better and more valuable look but also highlight what was more important to show. ZarifGraphic holds credit for Ibn Sina saffron packaging print. And the photography was another partnership with Karno Studio.