RENAISSANCE BEER | self-promotion packaging


Who says an advertising agency can’t produce its own limited edition beer? 2Sharp is capable of more than that! We decided to try on the role of clients who come to us for design and experience all the stages of product development: from creation to distribution.

2Sharp launched a limited edition line of Renaissance Beer craft beer. The whole team tested and selected the product to be bottled. Our friends from Volkovskaya Brewery helped us in this as well. In the near future, this beer will appear on the shelves, but in the meantime, our customers have had time to appreciate it.

In the design of the packaging we turned to classic life stories on the basis of Renaissance paintings and complemented them with copyrights: “No drama”, “No angels”, “No comments”. Why Renaissance? Because it was always an attempt to get closer to the ancient ideals, to come back to the mythical golden age of humanity from darkness and dirt.