Jovin Lee

We all know that global warming is getting worse and that our living habits actually contribute to accelerating the speed of global warming. The energy consumed by the factory to make frozen food is 10 times that of non-frozen food. And, when we defrost our food, we defrost our world as well. Humans continuously beings pursue the convenience of life while ignoring the harm to the environment. So, the solution is to buy fresh food rather than frozen food.

For ideas, I will use human compassion and empathy to create awareness and let them understand their habits contribute to accelerating global warming. Replace frozen food with unique packaging, which arouses the curiosity of shoppers. Incorporate the message of global warming caused by frozen food into a simple package. When people open the packaging following the special cutting line, they will tear apart the iceberg on the package, separating the mother bear and the baby, followed by the message hidden on the torn note.