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Babalooka is a cozy pastry shop in Thessaloniki, Greece, which offers a wide variety of hand-made, fresh, and unique desserts.

But the real showstopper here is “The authentic Galaktobureko of Thessaloniki”. It’s a traditional Greek dessert, which Babalooka turned into a completely vegan one, yet fully preserved the authenticity of a traditional dessert.

The character you see on the logo is Babalooka herself. She welcomes the quests openheartedly and her creations make the visitors leave with a massive smile. This makes up the tagline “Walk out happy.”

Client – Babalooka

Agency – Davel Creative Agency

Project Manager – Mariam Pogohsyan

Design Lead – Karlen Avetisyan

Graphic designer – Araks Safaryan

Motion Graphic designer – Arman Simonyan