Київ, Україна, 02000

Cheese packaging can be just cheese packaging. But for “Kaniv 1971” that wasn’t enough. We wanted to tell a story of cheese of delicious origin, a picturesque town, where “Kaniv 1971” is made and of neighboring green and clean reserve – home to lots of endangered species.

So we decided to refer to the style of acknowledged village folk art painter Maria Prymachenko. Her artworks take their roots in folk legends and fairy tales, nourished by real life and the culture of the Ukrainian реорlе. But style is not enough to highlight the unique origin. That’s why we chose endangered residents of Kaniv Nature Reserve to be on the label.

We draw more than ten rare Red Book birds and plants on all five cheese packages to encourage Ukrainians to protect them. That’s how the beloved cheese of Ukrainian families got the packaging it deserves – bold, colorful, and Ukrainian in all means.



Київ, Україна, 02000
CEO of Grape: Yurii Hladkyi
Creative director: Oksana Denha
Graphic designer, illustrator: Olha Charuk
Technical designer: Ihor Hanevskyi
Account director: Olha Boiandina
Account manager: Olha Dovzhenko
Copywriter: Olha Tkachuk
Copywriter: Оlena Tyshchuk
Technical editor: Olha Kazakova
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