Little secrets: mini-sets for children with candy

Alexandra Pershina

Mini-sets «Little secrets»

Mini-sets for children: sugar candies, a small souvenir toy, a collectible card and a mini-game. For children 3-12 years old.

It can be replicated in different subjects with appropriate content. Classics — candy hearts, a toy lock, a mini-game “Cherished wish”. Cosmos — candy stars, rocket toy, mini-game “Secrets of the Galaxy”. Ocean — candy fish, shark toy, mini-game “Secrets of the deep”. Spring — candy flowers, keychain toy, mini-game “Cherry Blossom”. And other topics. 🙂

The main element on the front side of the eye-catcher is a holographic lock.

The concept was made as an exercise for the packaging portfolio, and can be purchased for implementation. 🙂