Grande Vallee Charmat


Light sparkling wines are the perfect companion for any holiday or special moment. However, in recent years, winemakers have been paying more attention to the democratization of sparkling wines among consumers, focusing on the fact that this drink can be enjoyed regardless of the occasion. Sparkling wines for every day – this is the motto of the new Grande Vallee Charmat line, for which our studio was hired to design the packaging. At the same time, we also had to consider the difference between this product and sparkling wines created by the traditional method, and highlight them in a separate category in the general portfolio of the producer. With this background in mind, we were commissioned to develop the visual design for the Grande Vallee Charmat wines.

The idea behind the packaging design for Grande Valle Charmat sparkling wines is quite simple – to personify the product through a modern, laconic design that would make the drink stand out on the shelf. The main graphic element in this composition is a circle, which represents the sun, and is present on the packaging of all the company’s products. This element is combined with a colored geometric shape of the label, which is made using metallized paper lamination, with an additional application of sun rays via gold stamping. In combination, all these elements create a laconic composition that instantly attracts attention and distinguishes the product from more traditional and strict solutions common for sparkling wines.


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