Zhi Zong – High-end camellia oil edible oil condiment



高端植物萃取技术 山茶油滋养生命

Zhizong camellia oil selects Hunan camellia fruit as raw material, With the original low-temperature plant extraction technology, To maximize the retention of nutritional cost and taste in woody edible oil, Committed to: “high-end plant extract technology, camellia oil for life” development vision. This design uses “Camellia Fruit and Technology” as the overall visual graphics of the brand. In the case of keeping the core recognition graphics and presentation style unchanged, Adjust its parts for different positioning series products, Save money on its product development costs and market awareness costs, At the same time, it satisfies the unified visual system of product packaging and takes into account the recognition and cognition of products of different segments. To help its overall brand dissemination and product follow-up sales.