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Two major problems facing the upgrade of Jianpa wine are packaging homogeneity and finding out subdivision positioning from medicine wine strategy This paper interprets the packaging solutions of grapefruit from these two dimensions

  • A symbolic system for finding keys to wine Dig the pain points of the subdivided population,
  • aim at the anchor point of the reason to buy
  • jump out of the occupied “medicine wine” positioning, from the weakness of the opponent to find a segmentation strategy Determine the strategic positioning of young health
  • Create the “6” Jianpa super symbol We refine “6” as the value anchor of Gempa. Create a unique value system for Jianpa wine. The outer circle is square inside, the normal circle is square on the side, and the small radian is rounded to enhance the unique feel

With its own packaging system, Six JinPA has played a leading role in the extension and development of subsequent products.