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Praça Monsenhor Emílio Lottermann, 40 - Floresta, Porto Alegre - RS, 90560-050, Brazil

Cova de Toro is the living memory of a history full of symbolism. A deep and enigmatic narrative of the Zara Mercio family told in a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from the region of the Campanha Gaúcha, southern Brazil.

The year was 1893 when the southern Maragatos started the Federalist Revolution in protest of the centralizing policy of the federal government. Political ideals led the cattleman Thomaz Mercio to the post of Colonel in the Federalist Army in the battles against the white-handkerchief republicans, the Chimangos. The red scarf Colonel’s last request was to be buried in the field in a bull pit, in a large field of the property, where his three sons raised a Greco-Roman Temple transformed by his co-religionists into the São Jorge chapel.“Covas de toro” Bull pits are the result of the dispute between two bulls for the dominance of a territory, which during their fight, tear the ground with their horns. Bulls, which are symbolized on the label as “Cabernet X Syrah”, the Blend between the two grapes, each Bull, represents a variety in an engaging and intriguing dispute in a land full of memories.

To bring a sense of origin and heritage, the label seeks iconographic elements linked to the chapel as well as an analogical illustration based on engraving, in the mold of the methods of illustrations made at the time. Even today, on visits to the property, it is possible to witness the bulls, imposing and observant, in the same place where more than 100 years ago their great disputes were fought.